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<em>Rachel</em> <em>VIRTUAL</em> <em>DATING</em> <em>GAMES</em> BY CHAOTIC

Rachel VIRTUAL DATING GAMES BY CHAOTIC ”"Let her choose""Watch""Watch""Walk into the dressing room"(You should be able to manage things from here)Go to restaurant"Talk to the barmaid"(For RACHdri 1 choose “Can we get some drinks? Help. walkthroughs. Galleries. Coming Soon. Rachel. Back to games. Note Chrome users may have to play online version! Why.

<i>Virtual</i> Date Girls <i>Rachel</i> Part 2 - Free Adult <i>Games</i> - GamCore

Virtual Date Girls Rachel Part 2 - Free Adult Games - GamCore ” here and then talk to the barmaid again, it’s not necessary for this path though)“Are you OK. Game - Virtual Date Girls Rachel Part 2. You are able to have fun with Rachel on your second date together. Be careful not to make her too tired this time. You'll.

AIF Sans Mystery <em>Walkthrough</em> <em>Virtual</em> Date <em>Rachel</em> 2 by Chaotic

AIF Sans Mystery Walkthrough Virtual Date Rachel 2 by Chaotic You seem distant.”“Actually, I don't know if it's your thing, but I have this ticket to a competition at a strip club...”“Apparently, you perform the best strip and win 00.”“Maybe we can help build your confidence.”"Let Kelly finish work"“We have a room at the casino. ”"Take her to work""Follow them to the room"“You two should dance together.”"Finish dancing"“Have a seat.”“I think you two should kiss.”"Let them kiss""Let them kiss"“Let Rachel touch your chest.”"Let Rachel finish""Say goodbye to Kelly""Find something to do"(This sequence increases RACHinf by 1; it may have been intended to increase RACHfun as RACHinf is not tested anywhere in the game)Go to strip club“What about the competition here? Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Walkthrough Virtual Date Rachel 2 by Chaotic. "Ask Grace" requires you to have complimented both Jess and Rachel, and to have bought them drinks. "Begin game".

AIF Sans Mystery <i>Walkthrough</i> <i>Virtual</i> Date <i>Rachel</i> Expanded by Chaotic

AIF Sans Mystery Walkthrough Virtual Date Rachel Expanded by Chaotic It also looks like preparing Kelly for the competition was supposed to increase RACHfun but it actually increases RACHinf.(RACHfun 1)“Hey. ”“Continue”"Step outside""Take in the view""Grab her ass"or(RACHdri 1)“Hey. ”"Go to the kitchen""Get a drink from the cupboard"Go to strip club"Talk to Leilani""Let them talk"“Meet Leilani later”Go to casino"Book a room for the nht""Book a room""Do something else"(RACHfun 1; won’t raise RACHfun hher than 2)"Go gambling"“Just pick a number.”(It doesn’t matter which number you pick, especially if you edit and comment out the line ‘ar Links[1] = "casloose.html";’)"Kiss her during the excitement""Finish kissing""Collect winnings"(RACHdri 1)"Have a drink at the bar""Buy a vodka""Go somewhere else"Go to bar (if you want the Leilani ending skip the following steps, and go straht to Leilani Ending at the bottom of this walkthrough)(RACHdri 1)“Let's get a drink.”“Two beers.”"Finish having drinks""Speak with Leilani""Talk with Leilani""Take the ticket"(You can also dance, but that doesn’t affect anything)Go to the bar"Speak with Sophie"“Err...hi, boss. Saturday, April 16, 2011. Walkthrough Virtual Date Rachel Expanded by Chaotic. Unlike previous Virtual Date games building up influence with Rachel or getting her drunk isn’t a major factor in most of the paths.

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